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Smart Range Battery (Wholesale Pack of 10)

Please Read: Due to unprecedented order volume & high demand we recently sold out! However, our new shipment that includes 2 new label designs is already on its way to our warehouse! By ordering now, you get first in line access to the new shipment, as well as access to the 'Alien Planet Pixel Art'  and 'Retro Maze Pixel Art' Smart Range Battery designs. We will have the original 'Classic Space' design as well! As soon as we receive our shipment we will send out your order and update your tracking! We are excited to get these in your hands!

Introducing the Smart Range Battery by Helio Supply, the pinnacle of temperature control precision in the vaping world. With the widest temperature range available enjoy complete customization for your ideal vaping experience. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and a sleek, user-friendly design, our Smart Range Battery ensures optimal terpene preservation and flavor retention for the discerning cannabis consumer. Just adjust the voltage on the LED screen to dial in the perfect heat settings for your cartridge. 

Never burn your extracts again! The Smart Range Battery by Helio Supply has the widest range of voltage settings on the market, allowing consumers to adjust the heat settings by .1v at a time. Turn the voltage way down to savor your favorite terpene profiles or crank up the heat for the biggest clouds you can muster! 

Special Features

Voltage Range - 1.2v - 4.2v 

Preheat setting -1.8v

LED Screen with built in Puff Counter

Smart Range Battery by Helio Supply Includes:

1x Smart Range 510 Threaded Cartridge Battery (420 mah)

1x USB C Charging Cable 

1x Instruction Manual 

- Compatible with all 510 threaded cartridges 

- Keep away from children and pregnant women 


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